Political Diatribes

Another conservative take on the world around us

About Joe

I’m a proudly conservative father of seven, with plenty of opinion.   I originally started http://digitaldiatribes.wordpress.com as a way of venting, but the site eventually became much more technical in nature, and my audience grew to expect charts and analysis and not rants and opinions.   However, feeling the need to still occasionally express my views, I started http://catholicdiatribes.wordpress.com, for all my thoughts relating to Catholic and faith topics, this site for politics, and http://personaldiatribes.wordpress.com, which is much more about family and personal stories and such.

As for this particular site, I don’t particularly plan on pulling punches.  Some of my older posts are probably a little more nuanced in many ways than future posts will tend to be.  This way is more fun…

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