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Bart Stupak – From Pro-Life Hero to the Most Despised Man in Pro-Life Circles

Posted by The Diatribe Guy on March 23, 2010

A few short days ago, Bart Stupak, Democratic Representative of the 1st District in Michigan, was a heroof the Pro-Life movement. In many ways, he was the face of the vigilant defender of life. This is not in any way to neglect the good Pro-Life members of Congress on the other side of the aisle, but in the Health Care Reform debate, their vote was a given. No, there was a small group of brave and heroic individuals who placed life over political affiliation. We had a face of a man who was willing to stand up against the threats of the goliath of his largely pro-abortion party, and say that “I cannot compromise on this point.”

To be sure, he held up well for a great deal of this debate. He nearly saw it through.

But in the end, he caved.

He claims that he received proper assurances that his position and everything he fought for has prevailed. But he hasn’t. And he’s a smart enough guy that he knows he hasn’t.

One can’t help but wonder what his gut really feels like right now. All this time and effort and work… pushed away for an Executive Order with little teeth, that can be reversed by any President at a whim. At best, Obama keeps the deal and abortion will be left alone for some period of time long enough for Democrats to think that people will not notice when they change the rules. Not that the EO can trump law, anyway. Stupak knows this.

The sad reality must be that he finally had just had enough. He had to have been tired. He had to have felt the overwhelming pressure of the Speaker and the President and God only knows who else. It’s understandable, in a way, to see how that can happen. I do kind of feel for the guy.

But despite all that, it is not an excuse. We are talking about the introduction of a system which – if not immediately – is sure to foster in government mandated abortion coverage at taxpayer expense. Anyone – including Stupak – who believes otherwise, simply is lying to himself.

It’s plainly obvious what happened here. Stupak reached a point where he wanted it to be over. He reached a point where he wanted any kind of an olive branch to be handed over where he could firstly convince himself that he had not sold out on principle. This, I’m sure, was a tough sell to himself, but with less sleep and high-pressure politics the sale became easier. And he finally made it. I’m also pretty sure that his gang of six was just waiting for his tacit approval, lest they appear to be breaking ranks and coming across as caving in. As a block, I’m sure they convinced themselves that they could present a united front to the Pro-Life community and claim victory.

It hasn’t sold. We aren’t buying. This looks like exactly what it is – a Pro-Life Democrat who truly was our last hope abandoned ship because he couldn’t handle the storm any more. The one man who had it in his ability to make a difference to however many babies will now be aborted who otherwise wouldn’t have been has decided that he no longer wanted to fight the good fight.

When you set yourself up as the point man in a fight like this – whether it be on purpose or by circumstance – it comes with a very sober responsibility. That responsibility is to those you are tring to defend, it is to those who are with you, and it is to your God.

Only God really knows what Mr. Stupak really udnerstands about his decision, and while I’m pretty sure I know as well, I’ll allow that my opinion is one of reasoning and induction, so I can’t know. But God does, so He’ll sort that out.

What I do know is that the Pro-Life community feels let down. All the good Mr. Stupak has done, and can do going forward will forever be tainted by this. He is now a man without a rudder. The Pro-Life community does not embrace him, and the rest of his party is laughing at him. They don’t respect his position. They’ve duped him. I can only hope it’s as innocent as that, and that there is no other buy-off we’ll find out about later on.

I truly do feel for Mr. Stupak. I fear he has now been pressed into conscienceless political mode. I fear that he knows he did wrong, but now must defend his “yes” vote. So, we will surely see him defend and defend and defend, and soon even he will believe what he is saying. This could be the official end of the Pro-Life Democrat. If there ever was such a thing to begin with.

It’s a sad day for America. It is a sadder and lonelier day for Mr. Stupak.

I have plenty of things I will need to explain when I meet my Maker, so I understand human weakness. Mr. Stupak, you too will have this to explain. The sooner you come to grips with it and work to correct it, the better for you. Please don’t dig a deeper hole for yourself. Time here is fleeting. Even for the President himself, it’s just not worth it.

3 Responses to “Bart Stupak – From Pro-Life Hero to the Most Despised Man in Pro-Life Circles”

  1. beardsandbellies said

    Yes, a sad day for America. But how? How is going to the doctor a black eye for America? Give me a reason why I should believe this. I don’t really ever envision Jesus being, “Yeah, going to a doctor. What were you thinking?”

    • The Diatribe Guy said

      There are numerous reasons, and it is not because we’ll be able to “go to a doctor.” It is because the government has taken the very huge first step towards complete control and nationalization of our health care. Even assuming they go no further, it realisticaly changes nothing with regard to access. People without insurance can go to a doctor today, and many of them end up paying little or nothing, and if they are willing to work with hospitals and doctors they can usually work something out so they pay a little something and the rest is written off.

      It is about fiscal responsibility. This adds to the already ballooning deficit, and there’s no way the assumptions given to CBO are even remotely correct to assess the scorecard. And even under these assumptions it adds to the deficit.

      It is Constitutionally problematic because it forces people to buy health insurance. What possible right does the government have to do that – especially the federal government? And what else may the force us to do in the future if this precedent remains? This is not akin at all to auto insurance, where individual states compel purchase of insurance as a liability protection against others. First of all, that’s a state issue – not Federal. Second, you are only forced to buy something if you own a car. Third, the purpose of your insurance there is to protect others against you. Health care is none of these things.

      It is a sad day when something as morally problematic as abortion is encouraged and paid for by the government.

      It is a sad day when the workforce of the IRS expans by thousands of employees for the sole purpose of enforcing required mandated health coverage under penalty of law.

      It is a sad day when we set up a system that now allows the government to control virtually all of our behavior under penalty of not having access to treatment. You see, becasue under the current system, you can still get treatment without insurance. But the government has set up a system that makes it illegal to treat anyone they say shouldn’t be treated, and this will be for cost considerations.

      It is a sad say because there is almost nothing that actually contains costs.

      I could go on.

  2. my idea is on the lines of whole life insurance. that is it. think about it.
    whole health insurance…..
    some with ADS/HIV took out(received) there life insurance money when they got terminally ill, just do that, but gear it for your life time. this would open up the field for ins. comp. and reduce cost.
    that is the basics. there is a need to stop the fraud between providers and insurance also.

    The feds have been forcing us to buy things for 70+ years, remember the “new deal”? social security is buying of retirement income, car insurance only slightly different( Michigan has mandatory health insurance added to your policy at about 40$/6months) any tax is as well, your buying a military, roads, schools, fire, cops, hospitals, etc.
    This is why we DO NOT WANT BIG GOVERNMENT!
    Can’t afford it then die!
    it is amazing what you can live with, given the alternative! you don’t want to work and build up an account for health care, fine live with the results!
    Tim L

    sorry for the rant But I have busted my gut to have what i have and it kills me to see the lazy buts get medicaid, food stamps,wicks,etc. and I pay 1/2 my income in taxes. and i live in poverty(usa standards)
    bart and others are going to go down on this come 2010,2012. vote them out!

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