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News: 02-07-2008 – Romney’s Out, Chinese New Year, Cold January, and Bad Business

Posted by The Diatribe Guy on November 14, 2008

Originally posted on http://digitaldiatribes.wordpress.com on February 7, 2008.

Romney has announced that he is suspending his campaign for President. It has become clear that John McCain is the Republican front-runner, and Romney would have had to win 80% of the delegates going forward to secure the nomination. Between the money it takes to keep going forward (of which most was his own) and the delegate hurdle, it wasn’t going to happen. Personally, I would have liked to see him continue and see what happened, but I can’t blame him for coming to his decision.

So, will Mike Huckabee do the same thing on Saturday when he addresses CPAC (Conservative Politcial Action Committee)? Indications are that he’ll remain in the race. If he does, it presents an interesting possibility that this becomes a distraction for McCain. With both Romney and Huckabee battling for the “real conservative” vote, McCain managed to win a number of states with a plurality rather than a majority. Most notable is Missouri, which he won with 34% of the vote. But since it was a winner-take-all state, he received all the delegates. Will Romney supporters flock to McCain? Will they stay home? Or, will they move their support to Huckabee? Right now McCain has such a large delegate lead that it seems insurmountable, but this Saturday will be a good litmus test.

In the meantime, McCain is trying to convince the base that he really is a conservative. Addressing CPAC, he touched on abortion and national defense, as well as not raising taxes. He is also fairly convincing in the area of cutting spending. Where he very much parts ways with conservatives are on issues of Immigration, Campaign Finance Reform and Global Warming. And it doesn’t appear that he even tried to assuage the crowd on those issues today. In the past, too, he has irked the base with his willingness, almost eagerness, to join hands with Democrats in a stance directly opposed to Republican Party interests. He also assembled the “gang of 14” block that prevented a vote on filibustering judicial nominees (though one could also argue that this assisted in getting Roberts and Alito appointed). In sum, McCain is conservative in some areas, and unapologetically not conservative in other areas, yet he still maintains that he is conservative.

An interesting aspect of his campaign is that it seems so opposite from the norm. Usually during the primary season, the candidates attempt to appeal to the base. Thus, they run further left/right than they do during the general election, where they figure they have the based behind them, and now they need to appeal to the center, without losing the base. In McCain’s case, he has essentially ridden the wave of independents and moderates during the Primaries, and now he must shore up the base without losing the moderates. It’s uniquely backwards.

But, of course things are turbulent. After all, it’s the Year of the Rat! According to the Chinese astrologers we’re in for a wild ride. Now, I don’t personally put stock in such things, but we’ll see what happens.

One way in which turbulence has started has been the weather. For one thing, it’s been cold and wintery in a lot of places. I haven’t seen the global temperature numbers yet, but
January came in below average in the United states,
which I don’t think surprises a whole lot of people around my parts. Let us also keep in our prayers all those who were devasted by the tornadoes that swept through the middle part of America on Tuesday. Very devastating stuff.

Somewhat related is the news story I ran across that demonstrates what a lack of common sense in the Global Warming arena does. Apparently, in Europe, industry is simply not investing in new operations because of the cost of meeting emissions standards. Now, perhaps some view this as a good thing, but it isn’t. I have always been a proponent of reducing pollution to the extent that it is feasible to do without smothering investment and the economy. That is being a good steward of the planet, to the best of our capabilities. But people also need to work. Work is good. Business is generally good. Investment is needed. Putting an unreasonable burden on emissions is strangling their ability to compete. And this is what is in store for all Western economies that hold to this model of dealing with a perceived problem of anthropogenic warming. It doesn’t pass the gut test.

In other news, my blood isn’t boiling quite as much as it was a couple days ago. Apparently, the geniuses in political leadership in Berkeley underestimated the fallout in condemning the marines and telling them to leave. I suspect a re-direction of federal funding may have had a little something to do with it, but I have to believe that there are enough citizens – even in Berkeley – that had enough of garbage like this. Whatever the case, we are happy that they are softening their hate-filled demands against our service men and women.

Just wanted to congratulate all my Greek Orthodox readers – I know you’re out there – on your new leader. Here’s a toast to continued warming and advancement in relations with the Roman Catholic Church. May God’s blessings be upon you.

And then there’s those whacky Anglicans.

Sharia Law is unavoidable? I am going to wait to comment much on this one because I am not sure whether there is a broader quote I haven’t seen where this is a little out of context of a greater point. I hope that’s the case.


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